Industrial Powder Coatings Inc


Industrial Powder Coatings Inc offers coating facilities. Since its inception in 1976, Industrial Powder Coatings (IPC) has been in core process. IPC are using multiple lines in varying configurations of pretreatment, coating and cure, with adding capacity.
Powder coating versatility includes continuous monorail conveyors, iron or zinc phosphate pretreatment capabilities with chrome and non-chrome sealers; quick change over capability from one powder to another on the same line, and many lines to meet various size, weight, and geographical variations, etc.
IPC introduced blank line powder coating system allows to significantly reduce the cycle time for coating large flat steel sheets that are formed into their final shape after the coating process. The process offers extremely consistent coating quality and significantly reduces the overall cost of manufacturing these parts. Currently, this technology supplies the cabinetry used by appliance manufacturers in parts for washing machines, hot water heaters, and similar appliances. IPCÂâ€Ã¢„¢s E-coat operations offers a high quality finish for many part configurations from door strikers and hinges, to differential housings and light truck frames. Flexible scheduling offers answers to priority situations and productivity provides cost effective solutions. The E-coat that IPC utilizes is a lead free epoxy based black material applied over a zinc phosphate pretreatment and can be used for an excellent corrosion resistant standalone coating or as a primer coat for powder or other top coat applications.
IPC offers many of these pre- and post-coating services for saving apply solution as grommeting and sleeving. It saves time and money in de-scaling, assembly, inventory control, warehousing, quality audits, rework incoming material, etc. IPC delivers high quality electroplating services in a timely fashion.
IPC offers quick turnaround, scratch resistance, high speed line, superior handling, edge coverage, multiple color capability, 100,000 square foot building.
IPC offer outsourcing of non-value added activities. IPC always meets the need of customers in the appliance, metal furniture, hardware, automotive, and general industrial markets and tries to complete the demands of customer as per requirements.