Intercity Lines Inc


Intercity Lines, Inc. is America's premier enclosed auto transport company. Intercity Lines, Inc has been in the automobile transport business since 1980. Intercity Lines has spent years perfecting the transportation of automobiles. As the business has expanded, the company remained focused on providing the best value and the best customer service to every client.  

Intercity Lines provides the highest standard of safety and security in the enclosed automobile transport industry. The company offers the most technologically advanced service available for dealer, manufacturer or individual. The company pays attention to details that begins even before the loading procedure. Seat covers and floor mats are placed in the vehicle to keep the interior clean. Then, using 10,000 pound hydraulic lift gate, the car is level loaded onto the enclosed auto transporter. Level loading prevents strain on the car's drive train and suspension system, and it also allows for safe loading of a vehicle with low ground clearance.  

Soon as the automobile is on board, all four wheels are secured with nylon wheel tie downs. The entire car is then covered with two layers. One layer is of cloth and another is of plastic for additional protection. These steps ensure that the automobile arrives in exactly the same condition as before it was shipped. While in transport, the vehicle is tracked by on-board Qualcomm Omnitrac Satellite Tracking System, to know exactly where it's located at any given time.  

Each Intercity transporter is fully enclosed and fitted with hydraulic lift gates to ensure maximum safety in loading. This keeps the car level at all times, eliminating any drive line strain or undercarriage damage. Intercity is the first company in the United States to innovate and install the Qualcomm satellite tracking in all transporters. Intercity Lines enables auto owners to know the exact location of their vehicle at all times. The company also offers repair and service for race car haulers and trailers. The workshop of the company is fully equipped for hydraulic repair and fabrication needs.

The ultimate aim of the company is to exceed the expectations of every customer, whenever they get an opportunity to serve them.