Nelson Weaver & Son Inc


Nelson Weaver & Son Inc was started in 1934 by Nelson Weaver, and is located in the heartland of Lancaster County (PA), this family business passed along the legacy of the company in 1972 to his son, Rich, who has continued to offer the same quality services as his father. In a strategic East Coast location, Nelson Weaver & Son is a relatively short distance from the larger metropolitan areas of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. Set in Central Pennsylvania, it is surrounded by the smaller industrial cities of Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Reading and Allentown. Nelson Weaver and Son was one of the first trucking companies in Lancaster County to earn a Satisfactory Rating from the U.S. D.O.T. This Satisfactory Rating has been with the company since 1984 when the Department of Transportation originally began inspecting trucking companies.
Company offer different services like transportation service and storage facility. Customers can opt for warehousing and transportation facilities independently or combined. In addition, the company has 2 private rail sidings serviced by Norfolk & Southern. There are only two branch lines in Lancaster County, which makes this service very limited to the area. The company can arrange pick-up, transportation, storage and schedule delivery of product. Since the company operates both warehouse and trucks the company can control loading, unloading, as well as dispatching times. Inventory records are updated with each shipment. The company can provide a status report at any time.
Nelson Weaver & Son has the facilities for public warehousing and distribution. Some of the features of its state of the art facilities are over 100,000 square feet, modern single level warehouses, cross docking etc.

With an excellent safety record, qualified records, a central location and outstanding time schedules, Nelson Weaver and Son, Inc. meet all the storage and distribution needs.