Norbert E Mitchell Co Inc.


The Norbert E. Mitchell Co., Inc. is a comprehensive enterprise providing the community with a variety of petroleum products and services at the wholesale and retail levels. From Kent in the north down to the Long Island Sound, from the Hudson River in New York on east to Southbury, CT the company delivers home heating oils, propane, gasoline and other motor fuels. They design and install modern heating and cooling systems to maintain comfort for tens of thousands of residential and commercial customers
In 1987, the Johnson Propane Company was combined into the operation. Now this alliance brought over 50 years of bottled gas experience into the company and greatly expanded their customer base. This association expanded operations appreciably in the Ridgefield/Redding area. The Redding Oil Company was acquired in 1989.
Their well-trained technicians maintain everything they sell as a branded distributor for Citgo and Sunoco their clean and attractive gas stations care for the needs of the motoring public. The company is started with one man with a truck visualized a business dedicated to serving the needs of the community for three generations. They are sincerely grateful to the community for making this possible and promise that they will not forget their poor starting. The company is always ready to serve customer.

Each gallon of oil Mitchell delivers is specially formulated to improve the operation of customer heating equipment and includes the following additives like Detergent, cleans the system and retards bacteria growth, Fuel Stabilizer, lessens fuel degradation, minimizes sludge formation and reduces nozzle deposits, Dispersants, breaks up any existing sludge so that it will pass through the system, Corrosion Inhibitor, fights tank corrosion, and Metal
Deactivator, keep metal that's in contact with fuel from causing unwanted chemical reactions.

The company servicemen and drivers are the most highly trained in the industry. They know that customer satisfaction is the key to their success. Their expert customer service representatives are thoroughly trained to answer their questions and assists customer to solve the problems. The company competitors have outsourced their customer service operations overseas and property at 7 Federal Road was purchased and developed into the Company's main plant.