Northern Plains Electric Cooperative


In January of 1997, Northern Plains Electric Cooperative was born. The consolidation of Baker Electric Cooperative (Cando) and Tri-County Electric Cooperative (Carrington) was approved in July of 1996. Both cooperatives operated as separate entities until Dec. 31, 1996.
In North Dakota there are 17 distribution electric cooperatives; Northern Plains Electric Cooperative is the largest geographically and it serves some 10,600 members on 6,900 miles of line in a 50 to 70 mile area from south of Jamestown to the Canadian border. The company headquarter office is located in Carrington and Cando and outposts in several small towns, 52 employees work fulltime to give members with electricity and to enhance the quality of rural life.
Formed from the consolidation of Tri-County Electric Cooperative and Baker Electric Cooperative in 1997, Northern Plains is one of 550 electric cooperatives across the nation that is branding themselves as Touchstone Energy Partners. Touchstone Energy Partner, Northern Plains must undergo a compliance process every other year to document that it serves its customers with the highest levels of excellence.
Basin Electric Power Cooperative and Western Area Power Administration supplied electricity to Northern Plains distributes. A member of the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Northern Plains is governed by a board of directors that are elected by members in district elections held each year. The board of directors of Northern Plains Electric Cooperative and Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative declared that the two coopertives reached an agreement to create an alliance. 
The electric cooperative network is a large one and it is comprised of distribution cooperatives such as Northern Plains Electric, generating and transmission (G&T) cooperatives such as Basin Electric Power Cooperative, and statewide and national associations such as the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives and the National Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives.
Northern Plains Electric Cooperative has over 625 other electric cooperatives across the U.S. have formed an alliance under the Touchstone Energy brand to further strengthen their dedicated and committed to their members. Even though customer still know them as Northern Plains Electric Cooperative, this nationwide alliance make sure that all customers  large and small continue to have the highest standards of personalized service at affordable rates. The company gives them the power to provide every customer with modern technology, reliable, responsive service and excellent value.