Risinger Bros Transfer Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Risinger Bros. Transfer Inc. was established in December 1983. They are a family owned and operated company operating out of their home office located in Morton, IL which is just outside of Peoria, IL. The company has started terminals in Shelbyville, IL; and Effingham, IL.

The fleet consists of about 200 tractors that are equipped with Qualcomm satellite communications, have approximately five hundred air ride equipped 53 ft plate trailers. And a dispatch and customer service facility that is centralized in Morton, IL.

Risinger Bros. Tranfer, Inc. has been providing outstanding service to several industries. The company has customers in the food industry, building industry, paper and packaging industry, and container industry. They provide dedicated services and understand and can exceed the demands of a just in time industry. Most of their customers tender loads via EDI.

The company is in the forefront of technology equipped with the latest technological advancements Risinger's commitment to the trucking industry brings new meaning to information highway. Their sophisticated, satellite-based systems are making operations easier for drivers and customers alike. Risinger's entire fleet is equipped with satellite communications devices. They have taken the base level of data and communications messaging from these systems and have developed highly integrated and innovative applications to: Monitor loads to proactively spot potential late loads, In transit load swaps and relays, Automated driver direction and routing and Satellite Communications.All of the company vehicles are equipped with satellite communication capability from Qualcomm. This technology enables the company to track and manage freight at any given time. Using Qualcomm data to display all truck locations on a map the marketing and operations staff is able to see where any truck is at any time. The company tracks their trucks on an hourly basis, and more frequently whenever needed.