Rohrer's Quarry Inc.


Rohrer's Quarry owes its rich supply of quality stone to their location in the middle of one of the largest surface limestone deposits in Pennsylvania. The solid, confirmed reserves in this single location are sufficient to continue their service well into the future. The company crushes products that meet specifications of Pennsylvania and surrounding states and satisfy a large variety of building and road construction needs.
The company work hard to ensure they are operating with the best equipment available to do the work required. They have constant updating and careful maintenance guarantee high production levels and a reliable supply. The primarily a single shift working 4 day weeks they have produced over a million tons of material in a year. Ample stockpiles and the ability to quickly expand shifts allow them to meet even the most demanding needs of their customers.

The company has a fine safety record that is a result of a serious dedication and commitment to safe work practices and training. The company workers are trained in all areas of safety by certified staff in an annual 8 hour session and monthly safety meetings. A safety committee meets to review concerns, make recommendations for improvement, and monitor a safety incentive program that rewards safe behavior. Some training materials are even produced in-house and have won first place in a national training materials competition at the Mine Health and Safety Academy in Beckley, West Virginia.

The company specialty products is like while the need for agricultural lime gave birth to their business over a century before, Rohrer's Quarry is in no way old fashioned and its equipment is capable of crushing material fine enough to be used on fields without the need to burn it in a furnace.

The company can also produce quantities sufficient to serve not only neighboring farms, but distant markets also. Their facility that produces the lime is fully automated and modern. Silos with the capacity to store 1500 tons make dry lime as well as damp lime readily available to the customer. Size and chemical analysis is guaranteed through registration with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.
The company is also provides a special sorbent material that is used to profit the environment. This precision limestone product is needed in coal burning electric co-generation facilities for pollution control.