Salem Carriers Inc


Salem Carriers Inc has been in operation for the past thirty years and has been providing quality transportation services to its customers throughout the southeastern United States. Salem Carriers is recognized as leader in the industry and has attained tremendous growth through refined services, innovative management skills, high customer retention and overall company stability.

Salem Leasing Corporation entered the full service leasing business in 1965 as a sister concern of one of the country's biggest independent truck dealerships. In the beginning, Salem joined the National Truck Leasing System (NationaLease) in order to provide service capabilities on a nationwide basis to its customers.

The Company operates through thirty-four maintenance locations spread throughout the Southeast. And through their affiliation with NationaLease, Salem is part of a network of independent leasing companies with over 500 full service maintenance locations across the United States.

The Company provides full service leasing finance, administrative and maintenance programs that exceed customers' specific transportation needs. Salem NationaLease furnishes custom engineered vehicles with painting and lettering tailor-made to specifications. Maintenance and repairs, including parts, oil, tires, washing, labor and emergency road service nationwide are included in their services. These services include a substitute vehicle, if needed, are provided 24 hours a day to ensure uninterrupted transportation. Full service leasing with Salem also includes related services such as customized driver safety programs, licensing and tax reporting, and fuel cost reduction programs.

The Company has a home-based maintenance program that is scheduled at certain intervals to effectively prevent on the road breakdowns. Salem's national network of service facilities are on standby around the clock, seven days a week to ensure timely assistance. These facilities have fully equipped garages for fuel, maintenance, extra vehicles and all road service. A well-maintained vehicle is an excellent moving advertisement and improves driver morale.