Schagrin Gas Co.


SchagrinGAS Co., family owned and run since 1932, the company serves over 17,000 customers with propane and makes one the top 50 propane companies in the U.S. Their work is to assist customer to create a comfortable home with customized comprehensive services and top of the line, money saving equipment. The company does it from consultation to propane delivery, equipment sales to service call; thousand of customers make them the largest independent propane company in the area.
The company provides the devotion and vision of a family-run business, and part of a customer base of over 17,000, they provide around the clock service every day of the year, the company has a computerized service that monitors the weather and customer usage, their computer systems house customer model and serial numbers of their equipment, they provide automatic dispatch and delivery to customer home or business, and also provide remote monitoring service to track customer expenditure.

Schagrin Gas offers full service for all the products its sells. From the heater to the dryer, in the kitchen or the pool, everything must be reliable, safe, environment friendly, energy efficient and versatile. Propane home systems and appliances will meet all customer needs and the company will make sure that those needs go far beyond customer expectations.

The company has presently an efficient air conditioning system is more important than ever. Lennox units not only keep the temperature down, buy customer costs. Air conditioning efficiency is rated by S.E.E.R (Seasonal Effective Energy Rating). Lennox sets new standards with ratings as high as 19, which give customer big savings and a rapid return on customer investment. The system is quiet and cool and delivers a continuous, even temperature, even during the hottest weather. Using the integrated management system, zone controls allow customer to select which areas to cool and when to cool them.

Lennox air conditioners are just plain smart. They cool optimally, on target, with much less energy. The company is here to assist customer in all manner.  Schagrin GAS employees and trained in every aspect of gas delivery and system servicing. They also attend regular factory training on every product.