Schroeder Milk Co Inc.


Schroeder Milk Company was established in 1884. It is a family business that would continue to developed, change and prosper during the next four generations.  

The company had decidedly poor origins. Henry had one cow and a small parcel of swampy land, but he was determined to build a farm. The location, north of Larpenteur Avenue, east of Rice Street and south of what is now Highway 36, offered him the convenience of being close to the St. Paul city limits. The company started delivering milk to home routes in St. Paul. An aggressive salesman, Henry always sold more than his cows produced, so it was only a matter of time before it became necessary for him to purchase a surplus of milk from neighbors and buy more cattle to meet the demands of his customer base.  

In 1928 and 1929, the State of Minnesota passed two laws the first excluding the sale of raw milk and the second disallowing the purchase of milk from other farms. Although the difficulty these laws caused for many dairy farmers, who at that time had the area's largest dairy was always ready to experiment with new machinery that would modernize dairy farming. Henry converted one of his farm buildings to a pasteurization plant and used some of the area's first vacuum milkier, bottle washers and bottling machines. Henry had handed over much of the responsibility for the business to his sons William and Henry Junior and the milk business was quickly changing.  

From last 100 years, the Schroeder family's primary focus has remained the same service customers in the delivery of superior dairy products. Through a painstaking selection of dairy suppliers and a continued commitment and dedicated to modernizing the business through continued improvement, modern machinery and technical expertise.

The strength of improvement and entrepreneurship that the company was founded upon led them to enlarge their business far beyond milk with a line of juices, specialty beverages, gourmet foods and private label packaging. The fourth generation of Schroeder family members is now at the controls but their work stays the same. The company builds brand loyalty, and delivers the Schroeder vision of progress and quality into the 21st century.