State Industries Inc


The State brand was founded in 1946 as a small entrepreneurial company producing coal and wood-burning stoves in Nashville, Tennessee and soon became a leader in the water heating industry, by living up to their commitments to quality, innovation and outstanding service. The company has a wide scope for customers as they have introduced over 300 new products in the market feeding the industry need for high grade residential and commercial water heaters, storage tanks and related products.
The State Industries are proud of the fact that they have over 500 products in their line of water heaters, so there is bound to be one to suit an individual need; as it offers the most innovative water heaters in the fast expanding tank less market. All the products bearing the State logo come equipped with superior customer technical support and reliable tank and parts warranty extended to the Product, service and support. The company specializes in quality options for heating through Residential Electric Water Heaters as well as Gas ones. Apart from this, it has made these commercially available too, in a wide range of sizes. Other products include Storage Tanks, Pump Tanks, Expansion Tanks and Tank less Water Heaters
The company makes the consumer aware of the gadgets used by giving information about the life expectancy of water heaters as well as the after care of these, thus giving the customer exact data with services. Related to this would be that softeners used in water can shorten the life a water heater by consuming the anode rod rapidly (generally within one year). Once this is consumed there is no protection in the water heater to prevent the water from dissolving the seam joints. When a water softener is installed, the water softener needs to be bypassed once a year to allow some lime to buildup to protect the heater and slow down the anode rod consumption.
Additional requirements made necessary by the Clean Water Act of the 1980s asks of all water supply companies to install back flow devices in residential water meters - safety devices to prevent contaminants from being introduced into the main water supply from an individual residence.  Apart from this, State recommends that flushing of the residential water heater should be done regularly; caring for customers being their core philosophy.