Suppose U Drive Truck Rental Service


Suppose U Drive Truck Rental Service started in 1936 when Eddie E. Johnston and his wife, Mildred, transported three Dodge trucks from Detroit to Los Angeles and opened an office in Glendale that wrote short-term truck rental contracts for private and commercial use. Soon, the duo realized that most business owners needed trucks without the hassle of maintaining them and thus he wrote a new chapter in providing personalized customer service in the form of clean, properly cared for trucks for rent.
Suppose U Drive expanded offerings to longer-term agreements within 2 years. These included maintenance and service and leasing and the first branch office and terminal in the Los Angeles basin was opened soon after. After a while, the company office moved to its present address, 3809 San Fernando Road while the Southgate operations were relocated to a new facility in Santa Fe Springs. In 1972, a third location opened on a 2.5-acre site in Norwalk.

The California truck leasing and rental business has been ably supported by Suppose U Drive and its fleet of panel vans, lift gate vans, stake beds with rail lift gates. Crew cab vans with larger lift gates and platforms with single axle tractors as well as tandem axle tractors are available too. Many are the benefits of leasing a truck as compared to owing one. The major ones are that one truck cannot suffice all needs, which may change according to time and success; assets are not tied up in a vehicle and its maintenance, which frees the credit line of the company whereby it can invest the same in a working capital. Additionally, paying staff salaries for managing transport needs is a financial strain as well as extensive tracking and record keeping is required for abiding by government regulations for operating trucks, which can be tiresome at times.

On the up side, renting a truck gives flexibility as with Suppose U Drive, there are rental agreements written by the day, week, or month and a large rental fleet catering to all possible needs in all weight classes. These trucks are fully maintained and can be picked up and dropped off at multiple locations – all that is needed is for the valued customer to express a need and Suppose U Drive will equip him/ her with a unit best suited to fulfill the requirement.