Swiss Vally Farms Co.


Swiss Valley Farms has headquarters in Davenport, IA and operates milk bottling plant in Dubuque, IA and a cultured products plant in Cedar Rapids, IA.  The company has cheese manufacturing plants in Luana, IA; Mindoro and Platteville, WI and a cheese packaging plant in St. Olaf, IA.  Additionally, it operates a wholly owned subsidiary, Rochester Cheese, with plants located in Dalbo, Rochester and Spring Valley, MN.  The company has an Ag Services Division with locations throughout Eastern Iowa that distribute farm inputs such as fertilizer, feed and farm hardware to members and an employee strength of 700 employees and annual sales to the tune of $525 million.

Swiss Valley Farms is famous for its variety of specialty cheeses and has spent many years on developing these highly technical varieties; some of which are Cream type and Blue-veined cheese. It has been further appreciated and rewarded for its continued efforts at producing quality and innovation through the Chairman's award presented at the annual National Milk Producers Federation's Cheese Contest. The Swiss Valley Farms, Co. Procurement Division works directly with the 1,200 member farms that make up Swiss Valley Farms, Co and offers on one of the best forward fixed priced milk contracts in the market today. This Division also oversees the collection and testing of the members' raw milk and transports it to the many locations in the co-op where it is converted into a value-added, marketable product.

Milk from its farmer-owners is used to produce a full line of dairy products, including milk, cultured products and cheese and the companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s current marketing area for beverage and cultured products includes Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota while its specialty cultured products and cheeses are distributed on a national platform.

The beverage plant located in Dubuque, IA, is one of the largest beverage plants in the Midwest and processes and packages white milk, chocolate milk, cream, half & half, eggnog, orange juice, lemonade and spring water. These products are supplied to grocery stores, grocery warehouses, convenience stores, food service companies, schools and other food manufacturers.

The cultured products plant is located in Cedar Rapids, IA, which sees to the manufacturing of cottage cheese, sour cream, dip, yogurt, cream cheese and such like for the ever increasing and quality oriented customer base – expanding with each passing day and effort of the Swiss Valley Farms company.