Usf Distribution Service


The USF companies have delivered nearly 20 million shipments last year having a thriving presence in North America and a capable regional Transportation Corporate Accounts team which enables them to interact as a total system, providing services and flexibility which are not possible by single business servicing units.

With each passing year, the USF companies have covered more service points and are now well spread over the U.S., Mexico and Canada as well as serving the regional markets of North America. The YRC International Corporation is a division of Yellow Roadway Corporation (YELL) and is the holding company for the USF and New Penn regional transportation companies. Some famous USF providers are USF Bestway, USF Holland, USF Reddaway and USF Glen Moore.

The company continues to develop new strategies to deliver high quality service, flexible solutions and complete customer and driver satisfaction across dedicated, regional, and national markets. It provides a full range of transportation services like regional and national truckloads, single source for all related needs and totally responsive communications as vehicles have complete EDI capabilities. A round the clock customer service and dispatch gives premier customer service and with the company offering a flexible structure that allows tailoring of a program to fit every business, USF companies are extremely dedicated to the very best in customer service; with sales representatives arranging for pickups, tracking material, providing daily fax updates and offering service center information as well.

The company employs over 15,000 dedicated transportation professionals who are trained to provide excellent services as they are technologically well equipped to providing higher quality services as they have Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities which allows for electronic exchange of business documents such as invoices and shipment reports and quick response to POD requests.  This enables the company to strengthen the consistency of service and makes it easier for customers to do business with them, any time.