Utilx Corp

By: Bubbajunk.com

UtilX Corporation is based in Kent Washington, a suburb of Seattle and was founded as Flow Mole Corporation, which began commercial operations in 1984. Initially performing research and development on commercial applications of fluid jet cutting technology that resulted in the manufacture of its first product: a guided, fluid jet drilling system, the company expanded its scope.
The company is a worldwide leader in cable life-extension technologies, focusing on bringing wire and cable enhancement technologies to diverse global markets; it operate throughout the United States and serves international customers through subsidiaries and licensees in dozens of countries. The company has a 20-year history with one constant: its commitment to providing top quality service and helping customers maximize reliability while minimizing costs – a quality that goes a long way in making Utilx a leader in providing solutions for life extension technologies for power and telecommunication cable. Some of their services include the management of underground cable reliability with Test, Treat or Replace program, extension of power cable life with CableCURE treatment, extending of telecommunication cable life with CableCURE/CB treatment, diagnosing of neutral corrosion, protecting and correcting the same as well as locating splices and faults and performing electrical craft services.

UtilX is firm on its continual commitment to providing innovative technology, which can improve and enhance the reliability of underground utility infrastructure. The company has Password-protected access to the Cable Tracking System which is available and customers may request the same via their respective Regional Sales Managers.  The notable feature of this facility is that access to CTS is available at no charge to existing customers. This company that provides high technology services to extend the life of underground cables is looking to add more quality to many others lives as well which can best be translated to its current hiring spree: Utilx is expanding rapidly so is on the lookout for dedicated team members who can commit to its corporate values of quality, reliability, innovation, and teamwork.