American Expediting Co Inc


In 1983, Victor Finnegan started one-person rush, same-day courier operation in Philadelphia. Mr. Finnegan, a graduate of the University Of Pennsylvania Wharton School Of Business, was the company's courier, customer-service representative, accountant, and salesman.  

The company known as American Expediting Company (AEC) was successfully competing with the city's top messenger services. By 1988, AEC was considered one of the leading time-critical delivery organizations in Philadelphia.  

AEC boasts 19 locations that serve the continental United States with locations in Georgia, Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc with services like air services, a national logistics program, distribution and warehousing capabilities, emergency fulfillment, and facilities management have augmented its original ground transportation operations. Advanced technology provides customers with online ordering and tracking options. With such options, customers can quickly and easily determine the status of a package from pick-up to delivery.  

AEC transportation operation is an array of complementary services that include warehousing of customers' inventory, emergency fulfillment, distribution options, and facilities management. American Expediting has also created specialized services for clients with unique requests and situations such as ground services, air services, legal services, healthcare services, warehousing, distribution, fulfillment services, management services, national logistics, and technology. AEC has been successful in maintaining services which satisfy and is the solution provider. Online shipping wizard is available to all existing American Expediting customers.  

American Expediting uses the bike messenger services for cross-town needs and cars for more distant deliveries and also at disposal, mini vans, full sized cargo vans, and straight trucks make it a snap for larger packages. With prior arrangements, AEC couriers can also assemble and setup furnishings, exhibit booths or other items requiring such handling.  

American Expediting Company is always seeking qualified delivery partners to assist in the top quality service given to customers. An area of pride for the company is the continued satisfaction of customers, satisfaction that begins with the courtesy and helpfulness of service representatives and dispatchers and concludes with the speed and professionalism of delivery agents.  

American Expediting takes pride for its staff being dedicated and hard-working people whose efforts have helped the company grow into a leading and successful organization and a solution provider.