Animal Science Products Inc


Animal Science Products, Inc. is a family owned and operated corporation it was established in February of 1987. The company started with a lot of sweat, hard work and can do attitude the company began to develop. That trend has continued and still does presently.
Their commitment and dedication at Animal Science Products is to service all sides of the feed industry with feed additives, micro ingredients and premixes included poultry and swine packaged goods markets. In these areas the company is dedicated to producing the best quality products in the marketplace. The company will do this in the most economical fashion possible without sacrificing the honesty and integrity of their products or the quality of service that customer deserve.
The company move through their second decade of business, the company will continue to grow and prosper alongside their customers. Animal Science Products Inc. will become a larger market force here in the United States, as well as, overseas. They are very excited about the opportunities for growth within their industry, and also for their own product growth.
Animal Science Products has four different production areas and this all four production sites are located at their main facility in Nacogodoches, Texas. The company feels by locating all production facilities in one location, it enables them to better manage quality control and streamline raw ingredient purchasing.
The four production areas are; a dry premix facility for manufacturing of custom premixes of vitamins, trace minerals, combination premixes or other specialty blends. This area is controlled by a computerized batch control system. A liquid manufacturing and packaging area used in the production of products for poultry and swine integrators. A facility for drying liquids or adsorbing liquids onto a dry carrier. A water soluble manufacturing and packaging facility. In this area, the company produces products for poultry and swine integrators.
The category would also include products for feed quality improvement as well as manufacturing aids. Water solubles for supportive use of health and nutrition, and also use for sanitation products and pesticides for livestock and poultry production. Low inclusion to micro additive animal feed products for both health and nutrition.