BaileyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Express Inc


Bailey's Express was started by Robert Bailey in 1920 and since then has been serving customers with quality moving services. Bailey's is a truckload and expedited service, which is as fast as air freight, but at a fraction of the cost. Bailey's Express is dedicated to being the best service carrier while offering competitive prices to companies in the Tri-State area. Bailey's Express has marketing partners that provides service to 40 states and the delivery is accomplished through 192 terminals throughout the United States including Hawaii and Alaska.
Bailey's ExpressÂâ€Ã¢„¢ low operating costs allow it to operate as a totally debt-free organization. Bailey's Express has temperature-controlled and flatbed services. Bailey's Express can easily spot trailers. The LTL surcharge is a percentage added to the total invoice for each shipment. Truckload surcharge is a per mile charge added to each shipment. The surcharge is based on the National Average Diesel Fuel Price as reported by the Department of Energy.
The shipping clerk is designed to help small to medium size shippers prepare LTL shipping documents and labels which is easy to use and install. Bailey's Express uses computerized system to export rate data to either an excel spreadsheet or comma separated text file and automatically calculate fuel surcharge.
BaileyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Express Inc provides service such as LTL, and truckload services. LTL direct service is available to over 40,000 direct points. It deliveries include general commodities, hazardous materials (excluding Class A&B explosives and household goods). Bailey's BEST (Bailey's Expedited Service Teams) is an alternative to Air Freight Service at a fraction of the cost. Bailey's Express has competitive pricing, delivery notification; verbal & written, satellite tracking, and holiday deliveries arranged.
Truckload services covers 48 states with day pick up available, 53 foot air-ride vans, temperature controlled, and flat beds, two-person teams, appointment deliveries at customers request, hazardous materials handled, point-to-point rates or full state mileage rates available, etc. Bailey's Express is dedicated to meeting and exceeding customers' needs. In most cases they better the service by one day with less handling. Bailey's Express is known to beat the airlines on some routes.
Bailey's Express is committed to maintain longstanding business partnerships with customers by combining superior services and economical rates.