Billings Freight Systems Inc.


Billings Freight Systems Inc. was founded about eighty four years ago in 1922 by Billings who knew and understood the value of reliability and the needs of the transportation industry at the time. Billings Freight systems Inc was set up with the intention of providing quality transportation services along the Eastern United States. The company has been a provider of quality transportation to the textile industry and other service sensitive industries. Through its expansions from textiles into the general commodity sector the company has positioned themselves to continue to provide service to all who constitute the industry, regardless of the product that need to be transported.
Billings Freight Systems are recognized as leaders in the logistics and supply chain management services that they have been providing with innovative solutions to the textile, apparel, and retail industries. The company has a global infrastructure consisting of over seventy five domestic and foreign offices that are strategically located in the heavy textile, apparel, and retail manufacturing regions of the world.
Billings has now expanded the company to include more than twenty thousand direct service points Coast to Coast and also across Mexico. Their have an extensive company owned fleet that consists of 20Ââ€Ã¢„¢, 40Ââ€Ã¢„¢, and 45Ââ€Ã¢„¢ trucks that enables them to meet the needs of even most remote delivery destinations. The Company has evolved through the years from a single, interregional LTL carrier and continues to grow into a multi-faceted transportation, solutions provider that will be renowned the world over. The company is now popularly known as Billings Transportation Group offering many different forms of transportation services ranging from North American LTL and Truckload to International trans-oceanic services and everything in between. The Company offers a single choice in quality transportation solutions, whatever your requirements may be. Their integrated systems of regional and inter-regional service, coupled with national truckload service and multiple international services ensures the quality of service they are capable and do deliver to their valued customers.

BFS Global has taken this same commitment and combined it with global expertise and advanced technology systems to offer you an unparalleled advantage in the world marketplace.