Contech Construction Products Inc


Contech Construction Products Inc was started in 1967 and offers wide array of innovative solutions for both initial development and rehabilitation of existing structures and sites. Contech Construction involvement with products and applications was started on a century of research and practical field experience. Contech Construction products provide effective site solutions for projects with a variety of loading conditions, foundation requirements, soil and water environments, as well as varied installation demands. The activities of more than 100 offices with over 500 engineers and support personnel, 200 sales professionals, 40 manufacturing facilities, 100 of distributors and 130 licensees. To complete portfolio of site solutions, Contech Construction has strategic alliances with major civil-engineering product manufacturers. Contech Construction often is in partnership with other firms.
Contech Construction Products Inc provides a dynamic portfolio of diverse products to help and make development standout and to help maximize the use of land in best way. Contech provides products and expertise across 10 major applications such as bridges, drainage, erosion control, grade change, pavement, rehabilitation, sanitary sewer, soil stabilization, storm water, etc.
Contech Construction offers collectors, interceptors, laterals and outfalls helps to create an efficient, reliable and environmentally sound sanitary sewer system. Contech Construction provides service in multiple industries such as Raceway, Highway/Transportation, Commercial Development, Municipal Infrastructure, etc. Contech Construction offers products like as bridge plank, piling , collector pans, metal pipe, tunneling, metal pipe, miscellaneous, etc.
Contech Construction often partners with other firms. A2 Liner Pipe permits fast, economical rehabilitation of aging storm and sanitary sewers via the popular sliplining process. For demanding sanitary sewer applications, Truss Pipe provides an unequaled combination of strength, stiffness, joint integrity and economy. Contech Construction offers a variety of aluminum, steel and concrete arch pre-engineered vehicular bridge structures. CON/SPANÂâ€Ã¢„¢s innovative, economical design stands apart. Its arch action is distinctively strong; it utilizes fast, set-in-place construction; and it comes with extensive technical support. CON/SPAN Bridge Systems have been evaluated, approved and used by more state departments of transportation than any other system on the market
Contech Construction Products Inc products with complete confidence in their strength and durability.