Costello Industries Inc


Costello Industries, Inc. was founded in 1945 by Jack Costello, it has 50 years of contracting experience. They specialize in all forms of pavement rehabilitation, including asphalt & concrete milling, reclamation, concrete pavement slab removal and replacement, concrete & asphalt joint sealants and pavement rejuvenation. The company believes that customer satisfaction is the most important part of every job. This is what company struggle for and what every member of their organization is committed and dedicated to.
Costello Industries of Newington, CT, founded originally as a road building company more than 50 years ago, started diversifying its activities into pavement maintenance long before many in the industry had even heard of the concept. The company had established itself firmly in the construction industry. In the northeast it also pioneered the use of milling machines, now a common sight on pavement projects. Costello Industries became one of the first New England firms to introduce new products and services designed to maintain asphalt and concrete pavements. 
The other improvements spearheaded by Costello included repairing joints in roads and bridges, sawing and sealing pavement overlays, installing bridge deck waterproof membranes and applying various type of geotextiles. As the company built on its knowledge and expertise in this new area, the emphasis of its work started to shift from road building to asphalt road maintenance, recycling and repair. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s new office was established in the mid 1980's in Jacksonville, FL, it has since been relocated to Atlanta, GA and has developed so significantly that its work volume today equals that of the northeast Newington, CT office.
The company has performed many projects for the Air Force, Navy, Army, NASA, state owned and municipally owned airports. The company has over 130 people and is a pre-qualified contractor in 19 states. Costello is committed and dedicated to good provide quality, value and service to all their customers. Costello has also developed a special interest in airport pavement rehabilitation and has been improvement in bringing special products and services to serve the highly technical and safety conscious airport pavement sector. Costello's combined expertise in all areas of concrete and asphalt pavement maintenance totals over 200 years.   
Costello Industries, Inc. is fully insured with extra limits for airport construction. Costello can supply 100 percent payment and performance bonds for all projects.