E & E Landscaping Co Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

The Ehrich & Ehrich Design Team understands the careful and powerful art of sculpting the earth. From last 30 years a vision was followed and fulfilled by two brothers, Herbert Ehrich, Jr. and Lothar Ehrich. The company now offers their approaching clients full courtyards or motorcourts, design or build services, custom swimming pools, with gardens, terraces, ponds and unique garden follies custom carved of Granite, Marble and Limestone. The Design Center, reminiscent of the Orangerie at de Bois de Boulogne, of Paris, France, is the perfect home for their international design staff. The company is located in a kaleidoscope of gardens on their 210 acre nursery, this former plant palace, provides a perfect setting for client and designer to dream
Your experience with the Ehrich & Ehrich Landscape will unable you to; Enjoy inspiring personalized Landscape Architecture & Garden Design, Count on precision Implementation to bring customer project to Fruition, Transform customer property, with their Earth Sculpting Artists, Create Backyard Retreats to inspire customer senses. Relax in one of their extreme pools or Build a playful water garden with their International award winning pool division Ivy Construction, Add a composition of light, Rest easy with trouble free irrigation for customer new garden, Estate Management Division keep customer property in Arboretum like condition.
The customer can even develop plans for their new home & be introduced to the right architect & Custom builders. Add structural & Aesthetic details with Marble & Granite to both house & landscape with La Paradise Du Jardin. The company has 150 years of combined staff experience and uncompromising efforts to deliver the very best quality to their clients. The company is now offer full design or builds services, custom swimming pools, terraces, with gardens courtyards or motorcourts, unique garden and ponds follies carved of Granite, Marble and Limestone.
Their large nursery is very important to them; the greenery has been cultivated for decades. A select group of their magnificent trees have been carefully collected from woodlands. The company has over 200 acres and hundreds of varieties of shrubs, trees and plants in different stages of life fall under the care of their horticultural staff. The company believes in the importance of properly managing the works of art.
Their Estate Management Division is knowledgeable in plant science and is equipped to address customer garden's every need.