Edward Kraemer & Sons Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Edward Kraemer & Sons Inc is a diverse general contractor and construction aggregates supplier. Edward Kraemer & Sons Inc has a strategic partnership with Brian A. Mitchell Construction Inc and Westbrook Associated Engineers Inc and has ownership interest in E80 plus Constructors LLC. 
Edward Kraemer is divided into two operating units; the construction division and materials division. Edward Kraemer is committed not only to reducing the frequency, severity, and cost of incidents and injuries, but also to creating an environment where it does not occur through safe production. Edward Kraemer try to complete needs of customers, planning, participation and performance, integrity in everything, quality beyond standards, and innovation in approach to business. 
Construction division extensive in the development, construction, repair and design-build of heavy-civil and marine structures including highway and pedestrian bridges, railroad bridges, dams and flood control structures, and industrial projects. Edward Kraemer has been building state-of-the-industry bridges, highway six bridge deck repairs with fast-track repair of three concrete bridge decks, Lionshead Skier Bridge replacement that contains the three-span bridge to run 300 feet long by 42 feet wide, and are used by hikers, bikers, skiers/snow boarders and snowcat operations. Edward Kraemer & Sons Inc has completed numerous dam rehabilitation projects for both flood control and power generation structures. Edward Kraemer has built and repaired an extensive number of railroad bridges for both major railroads and shortline operations, which includes building foundations, pile driving, retaining wall construction, erosion protection, dewatering, marine construction, and custom welding.
Edward Kraemer & Sons Inc materials division produces high quality aggregate products in an environmentally responsible manner and produces high quality products used in all aspects of life from the products making up homes, to the roads, interstates, bridges and railroads that are a part of transportation system. Edward Kraemer produces the products that are used for environmental applications. Materials can be applied to farm fields, reducing acidity and increasing production, or to prevent and control erosion. Edward Kraemer and Sons Inc offer a competitive benefits package for its employees along with exceptional opportunities for growth.
At Edward Kraemer & Sons, quality process begins with a pre-job planning meeting, which emphasizes concern for a safe, productive and efficient job, performed in a manner consistent with customer expectations.