Falls Brand

By: Bubbajunk.com

History and dedication has established them a century long reputation as a quality meat supplier and provider of a large range of products to fit the changeable needs of their restaurant and retail customers. The company passion and pride of supplying the safest, freshest, and most healthy product has continued to drive them new heights in the industry. The company passion for their business, their willingness to progressively learn from ever growing knowledge and advance in animal welfare, food safety, and environmental concerns are reasons the company along with their family farmers are leading the industry in safety, quality, and community.
The company, Old Fashion Recipe and Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork products are manufactured at their plant in Twin Falls, Idaho. Fresh beef, pork and packaged meats are sold and distributed to their core markets by Independent Distribution Company. Independent Meat manufacturing division supplies branded & private label products to wholesale distributors and retail warehouses throughout the U.S. & Pacific Rim. 
Independent Meat Company specializes in a variety of fresh pork, poultry, veal, lamb and beef cuts, including the important Certified Angus Beef program. Their pork cutting operation, remodeled in 1995, allows custom packaging of fresh cryovac & flash frozen pork cuts. Independent Meat Company is now utilizing modern technology with the addition of the hog skinning operation.
The company offer a complete line of Smoked Meats - Traditional smoked and packaged products including ham, bacon, hotdogs, sausage and specialty smoked meats are manufactured and packaged at the Twin Falls plant daily. Falls Brand quality and constancy has enabled the company to develop long-term relationships with both foodservice and retail consumers.
Their flexibility is important to their customers - Falls Brand products, manufactured by Independent Meat Company, is available in a large variety of package sizes and boxed depending on individual customer needs. Large quantity special run private label products are available upon request.
Their complete accountability guarantees their complete satisfaction!