Fraley And Schilling Inc


Fraley And Schilling Inc started as a joint effort between an agricultural dealer, Jack Fraley and Earl Schilling, a truck owner hauling agricultural implements way back in 1955. Realizing that other dealers were in need of a very reliable transportation service Jack and Earl struck a very beneficial arrangement. Earl provided the financial resources, vision, and the know-how of the day-to-day operations while Jack provided contacts and additional financial resources. This joint effort enabled the company to expand into new areas and service new markets. 

The Schilling family moved to the steel valley area between Weirton and Wheeling, WV in 1964 and the companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s focus shifted from agricultural implements to alloy and related products. Working extensively for Vandin Corporation and others in the area, Fraley and Schilling learned the finer points of transporting hot and cold rolled coils, sheets, and tinplate. In 1981, Jack Fraley and Earl Schilling handed the control of the company over to their sons, Link Fraley, Robert Schilling, and Kenny Schilling. The three took the company to new heights.  

Today the company operates a fleet of over 300 tractors of a variety of makes and models. The company purchases special trailers to meet the diverse needs of our shipping clients as needed. The fleet includes 53' vans, 48' vans, and 42' ultra light vans - most equipped with D-ring tie downs. With this fleet, the company offers service to those shipping great weight with little bulk, a general mix of moderate weight freight, and those shippers of lightweight, bulky freight.  

Fraley and Schilling try dedicatedly to keep up with the ever-changing technology world that is ever changing. This world has brought about the tools to communicate with customers faster and more efficiently than anyone could have ever dreamed of years ago. The company keeps abreast with the times and so the customers have online data that is reported real time to them. This and many other ad-hoc services that the company offer go to show their dedication to forever trying to better the standards and quality of services offered by them.