Gencom Inc


The company was started by Larry Morgan who began the business with one truck in 1961.  In 1972, he took a partner, Robert (Bob) Walker, who is the Vice-President and they incorporated in June the same year. Bob oversees dispatch operations and Larry takes care of purchasing equipment, while they both participate in administrative decisions, personnel, safety, maintenance and other such issues.  Grown now to 5 plus trucks and their one-room office in the backyard has evolved to 50 plus trucks pulling refrigerated trailers- steady growth has earned the partners the single room office being spread over a 12 bay shop with complete parts inventory and fully staffed offices above.

The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s air ride tractors and trailers proved a smooth ride for any kind of cargo and the clients are well aware of this; also the main reason why Gencom has earned quite a reputation for itself of not only being reliable but also work oriented – proven by the fact that the refrigerated trailers with electronically controlled refrigeration units and overall equipment that they provide is late model and very well maintained.

The company takes care of its driving force well as they acknowledge it at being at the core of its success. The first and foremost administrative principle at work at Gencom is that the drivers are given point specific directions so they find it easier to locate their drop- off location. Some are even permitted to leave once that has been done so precious time is not wasted. Drivers at Gencom do not need to wait while the trailer is being loaded or unloaded; this makes the road trips short and they usually average a week to ten days. Subsequently, drivers are home frequently.

The company provides the 401K retirement program, insures its drivers by Blue Cross Insurance; safety awards given to drivers with good driving records while with Gencom, Inc, the company has a Central dispatch (one location) and has stayed away from extending voice mail so that it can always ensure personal contact with valued customers. Additionally, the management is ready at all times to lend a ear to problems that clients or employees may have. In this way the company can retain both customers and associates and have a sure shot at further success through its excellent maintenance program.