The company is committed to providing customers with quality products and services through technical expertise, leadership and education that is unique to the concrete industry. It offers ready mixed concrete being the acknowledged experts for it. IMI has a competent of concrete professionals working through a computerized batching system that helps ensure accurate and consistent mixes. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s dispatch team coordinates the delivery of products in a timely manner to further secure the quality of materials. 
Its aggregate division includes multiple sand, gravel and limestone operations and each facility is equipped with specialized classifying, crushing and weighing systems. Other products relate to IMI include an extensive line of application specific products (the Imix brand, for one) and the company also manufactures golf course products, concrete pipe, agricultural lime, feed supplements and decorative concrete.
The Imix product is a brand name for an item designed specifically for Foundations and is an ICC approved alternative to traditional reinforcement methods and gets distributed evenly throughout the concrete. The Imix EZ Footer is also for foundations,is easy to place and strong. Imix Drive- for exterior flatwork, Imix Superslab - for interior flatwork and Imix EZ Wall- for basement walls with maximum slumps to eliminate adding water.

Imix Flexifill is a product is a flow able and removable back fill used on street cuts, trenches, under-pinnings and numerous other fill applications. The Imix Blockfill is designed to fill all voids in concrete block and the Imix EZ Curb is a specialty mix for slip-form pavers. The Imix RollerPave is used for industrial strength driveways, access roads and parking lots whereas the Imix EcoPave is for pervious concrete that lets water filter through the surface.
Some of the IMI products are designed for cold weather application and primary among these are Imix SureSet, which is specifically designed for ambient temperatures down to 30ºF, it accelerates set times to 4 hours or less and the Imix Freezeguard is an admixture that lowers the freeze temperature of concrete and works in ambient temperatures down to 20ºF.
As creatures that admire beauty, we cannot ignore the aesthetic appeal that Imix Spectra offers to the discerning lovers of fine finished homes and buildings so this is a product worthy of mention: it is colored concrete, made easy with one price and immediate delivery.