Indiana Western Express Inc.


Indiana Western Express Inc. specializes hauling produce from the West Coast back to the Midwest and beyond, and not only produce, they also provide the same high quality service and hauling capacity to dry freight customers through strategically located regional terminals in Kingman, AZ, Fort Worth, TX and Edinburgh, IN.

The company has designed equipment so that their 2002-2003 Freightliner tractors & 53-ft High-Cube trailers provide the maximum space and payload to all customers. All their trailers are equipped with IWX Thermo Traces. This satellite communication capability allows the company staff to track not only the position of a piece of equipment, but also the proper operation of the refrigeration unit for temperature controlled loads. They have more than 525 late-model tractors and over 600 53-ft trailers. It is evident that the company has plenty of
resources to meet any transportation requirement.

State of the art, efficient equipment is not all the company relies on. The company draws its strength from its dedicated and experienced professional staff behind the steering wheels, wrenches, telephones and computers that equipment cannot possibly perform.

The company has its headquarters in its largest terminal based right in the heart of the Ozarks in Springfield, Mo. This is known as the hotbed of all trucking activity in the country right on the I-44 transportation corridor, providing the company with a huge pool of professional, experienced drivers and people with the talent and years of experience needed to run a successful trucking operation in this new millennium.

All of these facilities have a strong group of professional drivers and support staff that make them an integral part of the IWX Motor Freight team. The company takes good care of its employees and thus in turn the employees put in their best to pass on some of that satisfaction to the customers. So when you deal with Indiana Western Express Inc. You can rest assured that you will be heard should you feel the need to. Any way you will always rest assured that your transportation needs are being taken care of by the best the industry has to offer.