J Fletcher Creamer & Sons Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

J. Fletcher Creamer & Son began in Fort Lee, New Jersey in 1923 and went into business using a small Ford rack truck to make deliveries and for miscellaneous trucking chores. During the mid-1960's, the company divested itself of the fuel and heating portion of the business and went on to become one of the largest and most successful retail fuel oil companies in New Jersey. At the end of that decade, J. Fletcher Creamer & Son was well recognized on the construction scene as an underground utility contractor.
Diversification is the hallmark of the Creamer organization – right from its early days when the company built its first concrete culverts and bridges in the mid-sixties and early site work done on the landmark George Washington Bridge to decades later the ground-breaking efforts for storming the first fiber optic frontiers and its present day forging of new fiber optic networks for the telecommunications industry for the next century.
Chief among the types of services provided are excavation, utility installation, telephone, electric, gas, water, fiber optic and telecommunications, underground construction, rock blasting, pile driving and steel sheeting, marine construction, sewer, sanitary and storm installation. Apart from these, concrete, culverts and bridges, interlocking precast concrete wall system, gabion construction, rodding of conduit for utilities, boring and jacking for roads, railroad crossings, environmental remediation, heavy construction, highways, paving, and road construction and scaling is undertaken; as is underground electric for signalization and highway lighting.

The company has deployed the Clean-Fast Technology, which is a revolutionary trenching process developed specifically for end of the mile fiber optic and utilities installations and is a high-performance alternative to disruptive, open cut trenching. The CleanFast simultaneously creates a narrow mini-trench while at the same time removing debris from the site, which minimizes other utility damage and provides a quicker, more cost-effective trenching method for congested urban areas.  It is faster and causes less damage to existing infrastructure and is comparatively less disruptive to neighborhoods and traffic than traditional methods.

The company has preserved its reputation for offering quality services and has enjoyed steady and growing success on the strength of its effective and strategic management, manpower and equipment. In the future too, Creamer wishes to uphold these service values and continue to enrich the business community, government agencies and utilities throughout the continental United States.