Klink Trucking Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Klink Trucking, Inc. is a family owned business, started by Wayne and Carol Kline that has been servicing the construction industry and residential customer in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio since 1978 by offering a wide variety of products along with reliable service for all aggregate and excavating needs.

From its humble beginnings with a single dump truck, Klink Trucking grew in proportion with customer demands and in 1978 was incorporated; yet still operated from the family farm. It went on to become a multifaceted concern, employing approximately 120 people and continues to provide its customers with equipment moving, aggregate storage and hauling, INDOT approved aggregate distribution that was in place with recycling, liquid asphalt transportation, Maximum Salt, grading and site preparation, manufacturing of cold mixed asphalt products, property development, and the manufacturing of asphalt emulsions, cut back asphalt and PG graded asphalt.
Klink Trucking services encompass dump truck hauling for all areas of the construction industry for homeowners to unlimited quantities for contractors, state, federal and municipal jobs, Klink has a reputation for being a single stop source, fulfilling all these needs competently. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s multiple locations allows access to any material from over 100 gravel pits and several stone quarries in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois and it also specializes in material removal, both clean and contaminated.
Its excavating division works in unison with the dump trucking services to offer an efficient well-coordinated environment for any earthmoving needs.  The company has the cutting edge technology and skilled work force to enable its capabilities further still and the necessary equipment to provide site development, building pad prep, drives, parking lots, sewer and water lines, basements, ponds and waterways. 
Dusty roads and parking lots are considered a nuisance, but also environmentally unsafe by Klink and its distributor truck is available to spray several different types of dust control products in which, customers can be configured on a one-time, semi-annual, or annual application basis, as their needs require.