Maverick Transportation Inc.


Maverick Transportation Inc. was set up by Steve Williams in 1980. Steve grew up in the transportation industry learning the ropes from his father who was a seasoned hauler of steel in those days. Maverick Transportation, Inc. A privately held logistics and transportation company with its headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas, Maverick provides flatbed services in the transportation industry, while utilizing well-trained and experienced employees, state of the art information systems and a fleet that is dependable and ready for service round the clock.
The company operates over 900 trucks; Maverick has the ability to tailor its services to meet the needs of the customers. Serving all 48 states, Maverick has a major presence in the Rust Belt, transporting primarily steel and building materials.
In addition to the corporate office in Little Rock, Arkansas, Maverick has a regional office in Gary, Indiana with terminal locations in Madison, Illinois; Jarratt, Virginia; Middletown, Ohio; and Mangum, Oklahoma; along with terminal and warehouse facilities in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
With the force of over 1,000 people behind every load hauled, Maverick dedicated employees are the backbone of the operation. They have the knowledge, skills and tools they need to make the right decisions that keep their customers satisfied. Their innovative technology gives Maverick the edge over others in the transportation industry by investing in and utilizing top of the line technology, which results in better service for the customer. Hundreds of satisfied customers have joined the many who are finding the best way to have their products delivered.
As a growing company with a team atmosphere, Maverick has established a work environment that is second to none in the industry. They have the edge over others in the transportation industry with top facilities that is complete with state-of-the-art technology. Maverick provides various options for development. All employees have the ability to grow with the company through the help of an in-house training team dedicated to providing opportunities for professional and personal growth. Surging forward -  the Maverick Way.