MGM Transport Corp.


MGM Transport was established with the intention of providing superior delivery to the home furnishings industry and has been doing just that over the years. The company has transformed from a traditional trucking organization to a full-service transportation and logistics operation servicing the industry for over half a century.  

MGM Transport Corp. was founded by Brothers Michael and George Massood; MGM began with a single truck serving the New York Metropolitan market in 1952 as MGM – which stood for Michael, George Massood - Their first customers included industry heavyweights Thomasville Furniture Industries and Hooker Furniture.  

After 50 years in business, the company has more than 450 employees and annual revenues of about 40 million dollars. Continuing its commitment to provide innovative solutions to customers, MGM has equipped all its trucks with round-the-clock satellite tracking systems. Now, through their website, customers can gain immediate, real time information about the status of their shipments. The company also continues to expand its service territories throughout the entire East Coast, and into the Midwest. In 2003, they added direct delivery service from California to the East Coast.  

MGM is established as one of the leaders in transportation technology, services and coverage and are known to deliver better value to its customer base. Only MGM offers, Direct LTL service from California to the entire East Coast so your shipment arrives faster with less damage from multiple hand-offs, real time online tracking so you can manage your business more efficiently, complete systems integration capabilities to make the transportation and logistics processes seamless, efficient and more productive for customers. Logistics management tools to help customers manage their business for better productivity and profitability.  

MGM Transport Corp. is driven by their dedication, determine and commitment to be the best transportation and logistics company in the home furnishings industry, providing retailers and manufacturers with timely, high-quality delivery services and the critical information they require to continually exceed their customersÂâ€Ã¢„¢ expectations. A commitment they have managed to live up to till date.