Mid States Express Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Mid-States Express Inc has over 49 years of invaluable experience in the Transportation Industry. Mid-States Express, Inc. was founded upon the years of experience and expertise of a well-seasoned management team. Through the years the company has grown and expanded its services because they have never lost sight of their goal, which is To provide the customer with the best service and value possible.

Mid-States Express has a fleet that consists of one of the most modern in the industry, and are determined to continue to add to it, to better serve their growing customer base. Their inventory of equipment enable them to eliminate down time, service failures, increase productivity, service our customers better, reduce handling of freight, to reduce the chances for damage.

The goal at Mid-States is to provide a hundred percent on-time delivery with next day service between major points throughout their eight plus state service area. They also provide LTL and direct volume service throughout the Midwest.  Their state of the art computer network interconnects all Mid-States locations. Access to data at the terminal level provides for a faster, more efficient response to all customer inquiries. The company also offers warehouse and distribution services in the Chicago area. They are certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation to transport hazardous materials, and their drivers and dock men receive regular training on the safe handling of these materials. Mid-States careful freight handling brought them a 99.7% claim-free shipping record. The company is backed by highly dedicated and professional employees who are extensively trained to insure that your freight gets to the destination on time and intact.

Mid-States realize that their customers' success depends on their ability to deliver freight and information on time every time. It is the state of the art technology and the dedicated personalized service that all customers receive from the company that keeps them coming back for more and in turn increasing the customer base daily.