Owen Electric Cooperative

By: Bubbajunk.com

Owen Electric Cooperative is one of the nation's major consumer owned electric distribution cooperatives, serving about 151,000 Kentuckians on a network of more than 4,400 miles of power lines in the nine North-Central Kentucky counties of Boone, Grant, Owen, Kenton, Carroll, Campbell, Gallatin, Pendleton and Scott. The company has offices in five counties; Grant, Kenton, Owen, Boone and Pendleton. The company organized in 1936 as part of a nationwide movement to bring electricity to the unserved portion of the U.S., the company is a nonprofit enterprise, owned and operated by and for the benefit of its 52,000 members.
The Cooperative's wholesale power is provided by East Kentucky Power Cooperative, which is owned by Owen Electric and 17 other member cooperatives. The company serves more than 1 million people in 89 Kentucky counties. An additional 170 MW of hydro-peaking power is available under long-term contract.  East Kentucky Power owns and operates three coal-fired power plants and three combustion turbines, which provide a total generating capacity of 1,677 MW. The Cooperative also has ties to all utilities operating in Kentucky.  

The company will incorporate the highest moral standards in all interactions with their teammates, members and community. The company will dedicate and committed to trustworthiness and honesty. They will guarantee the best utilization of employees, facilities, technology and financial resources. The company is commitment to focus their actions and attitudes on the best interests of their members and community. The company embraces dynamic and innovative approaches in providing quality service through new technologies and continual process improvement.
The company will encourage individual and organizational success through training, open and timely communications, empowerment, teamwork and a safe working environment. They recognize the value of each teammate's contribution to the success of the organization.
The company is goal to provide reliable, safe, and economical power while supporting a healthy environment. The company staff has developed a complete system of managing trees and brush.