Packaging Corp Of America


The company was founded in 1867 by Henry Weis as the North Star Mill in Quincy, IL and dealt with making paper from wild grasses and later, straw; soon after it became known as Central Fiber Corporation. In 1959, merging interests of Central Fiber Products Company, American Box Board Company and Ohio Boxboard Company formed Packaging Corporation of America (PCA). In 1965, Tenneco acquired PCA.

PCA is now a world-class manufacturer of containerboard and corrugated packaging focusing on a single line of business that helps it achieve levels of operational excellence that are respected within the industry. PCAÂâ€Ã¢„¢s 2004 net sales of $1.9 billion made achievable by its 8,100 employees helped it produce 2.3 million tons of containerboard and ship 29.9 billion square feet of corrugated products. The company has 66 converting operations producing a wide variety of corrugated packaging products-conventional shipping containers used to protect and transport manufactured goods and also produces multi-color boxes and displays with strong visual appeal that help to merchandise packaged products.

The PCA paper mills produce liner board: the inner and outer layers of a corrugated container and corrugating medium, which is the fluted center layer – for their own facilities as well as a domestic and international customers. Corrugated is so widely used for packing as it is versatile and multi-functional so can cover a wide range of packaging needs – be it big or small, heavy or light, solid or fragile – this is one product covering many bases.

PCA provides some technical services also like packaging, optimization and Troubleshooting, new package development and design, technical consulting for packing and distribution system, Package/ unit load testing with assistance from an automated packaging system apart from designer services and strategic initiatives taken from time to time. The company offers its customers access to PCA packaging designers at every level of interaction which have the services spread over six creative design centers, strategically located throughout the United States; multiple designers on staff to brainstorm ideas, create sketches or simply ensure the proper implementation of the designs provided.