Packerland Transport Inc


Sigfried Frankenthal established Packerland Packing in 1960 and in1994 it was purchased by an investor group led by John Hancock Life Insurance Co. and Mr. Vesta. Packerland markets boxed beef products, which include many value added product lines sold domestically and worldwide. 
Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Smithfield Beef Group is one of the nationÂâ€Ã¢„¢s largest beef processor with an 8,000 – head per day harvest. The company was established in 2001 after Smithfield Foods acquired and then merged Moyer Packing Company and Packerland Packing Company and is under the direction of president and CEO, Mr. Richard V. Vesta. The company is comprised of three divisions and Packerland Transport, their common carrier. Thus, there is Packer land Packing, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin and Plainwell, Michigan; Moyer Packing Company in Souderton, Pennsylvania; Sun Land Beef in Tolleson, Arizona with their carrier at Green Bay, Wisconsin.
The carrier division of the company takes care of all the transportation related needs of the groups; especially the Smithfield Beef Group- refrigerated carrier has 170 tractor-trailer units to deliver products nationwide- ensuring timely delivery took!

Smithfield Foods, Inc. is the worldÂâ€Ã¢„¢s largest pork processor and hog producer, processing 20 million hogs and raising 12 million annually. Since 1981, the company has made 24 acquisitions to expand geographically and diversify into new product segments. In this effort, it acquired Moyer Packing Company in June 2001 and Packerland Holdings in October 2001. Subsequently, the companies merged together to create Smithfield Beef Group.

The interests of the company are not restricted to America only. It has facilities outside the United States as well, all of which go a long way in ensuring its growth and expansion is steady and wide spread. Smithfield owns and operates subsidiaries in France, Poland and the United Kingdom and operates joint ventures in Brazil, Mexico, and China. The company is aided in its diversification and innovative ventures in providing excellent products and timely services by its strong staff of over 45,000 people worldwide.