Porteous Fastener Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

The company has their trucking network that runs coast to coast coupled with their  14 warehouses allows PFC to deliver nearly any product in the system to any place in the country cost-effectively in just a few days. The company corporate warehouse location in Carson, CA. Bud Porteous founded the company in 1966 near downtown Los Angeles, the company has 14 locations, over 50,000 SKUs, and a multitude of packaging options, PFC can handle the needs of all fastener resellers from coast-to-coast.
The company has developed both standard and special packaging programs. These include industry standard quarter cartons and eighth cartons, and also farm pack and small box 100 pack. Additionally, for the hardware customer they offer clam shell and Quick Drawer programs, as well as customized plastic bagging programs.
PFC offers a large variety of products. The PFC logo declaring First Class Service has remained the same throughout the company record. Presently that includes such new technology as bar coded labels on all radio frequency controlled, packages and paperless warehouses, EDI, electronic catalogs, and web ordering and service. The company has over 60,000 different part numbers and a multitude of packaging choices, PFC is regularly reacting to current customer needs and desires.
The company has conducts business electronically with both customers and suppliers. Industry standard EDI transaction sets are readily available and already implemented for daily use with key customers. The company has provides new software to place Vendor Managed Inventory capability with both customers and suppliers.
The company has established their Quality Assurance Lab more than a dozen years ago. The lab was first qualified in 1989 by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation and was among the very first in the fastener industry to gain that division. Staffing by a highly trained technical crew and led by a fastener industry expert, the lab gives technical advice and support daily to customers. The customers can be assured that PFC stands behind product supplied.