Preiser Scientific Inc


Preiser Scientific was founded in 1924 and has constantly provided technical products and services to research, education, quality control, teaching, industrial, medical, environmental and government laboratories ever since. The company distribution Centers are maintained in Louisville, KY and St. Albans, WV, its main office. Preiser Scientific can provide a large range of high purity reagent chemicals, solutions and indicators and many are listed in their catalog. The customer inquiries on organic, inorganic, HPLC, or chemicals in bulk are invited. Preiser Scientific also maintains a specialty laboratory products manufacturing facility in St. Albans, WV.
Preiser Scientific Inc is a supplier of laboratory equipment, scientific instruments and supplies to the industry, mining, medicine, research, government, and education.
The company recognizes that excellent performance is dependent on providing products and services of a better quality which satisfy their customersÂâ€Ã¢„¢ needs and specifications, in an acceptable time frame, at a fair market price and in a profitable and responsive manner.
The company value customers, suppliers and employees and they treat all people with respect and courtesy. The company struggles to be recognized as an organization of the highest ethical standards and unquestioned integrity. They value performance and appreciate the pride, commitment, and teamwork of their employees throughout the organization. They struggle to provide a working environment that supports the achievement of their personal and professional aspirations. The company mission is to utilize the strengths and character of their company to provide the highest level of customer service that achieves lasting customer relationships.
Preiser Scientific, representing over 2000 different vendors, can supply over 100,000 items for laboratory use. Their catalog 94 lists many of these products and they also publish specialty catalogs listing laboratory equipment and supplies for use in coal and water testing laboratories. The company invites customer inquires on any laboratory equipment, instrumentation, or supplies that customer may require even though it may not be listed in their catalog. The company has feels that its most important benefit is its committed personnel, which have many years of experience in furnishing equipment and supplies to the laboratory and it also maintains an instrumentation service facility.
Preiser Scientific have received an Excellence in Sales and Service Award from Ââ€Ã‹Ã…“Parr Instrument CompanyÂâ€Ã¢„¢.