Professional Health Services Inc


Professional Health Services Inc is the mobile health testing innovators. The company delivering quality services is and has been their only business for more than 35 years. 
The company accomplishes this by combining their wide experience with an approach, which focuses on turning customer medical compliance and wellness initiatives into uncommon and effective solutions. The company offers a full collection of Medical Screening Services that are designed to assist customer meet health testing requirements for hearing conservation, fit testing, and other medical compliance tests, through full physicals and wellness programs.
The company is experts in data collection, assessment and processing. Their records management and reporting services meet all OSHA requirements and easily enable customer to manage their programs internally. The company has the human resources to work side by side with customer employees to design, develop and implement high quality, customized health testing programs that will increase customer expectations.
Their mobile health testing units provide maximum individual privacy and uninterrupted patient flow. The company has accomplished this through their unique van design, the integration of current computer technologies with modern equipment, and the development of a well trained and professional medical staff. Their experience has taught them what questions to ask to help customer define their needs. The company knows how to translate customer answers into cost effective programs. But people can only be as effective as the equipment they use. The better their people and technologies work together, the better customer medical screening program will be.
They have designed and implemented many exclusive technological advances and testing processes to meet customer changing requirements. Their in-house engineers and service professionals maintain and certify all equipment in order to meet or increase all OSHA and Federal Standards.
The company advances such as their proprietary bar code label and patient management system have extensively improved the accuracy of data array and patient processing. Their use of optical scanning technology assist them ensure the timely processing and reporting of patient information. The exclusive PHS 16" x 17" Chest X-Ray system minimizes patient radiation and maximizes film quality.
Their commitment and dedication to people, innovation and technology enables them to successfully meet the demands of the marketplace and to increase the expectations of their clients.