Sioux Valley - Southwestern Electric Cooperative.


Sioux Valley - Southwestern Electric Cooperative is a customer owned utility members receive electric service at the lowest possible cost. Sioux Valley provides reliable electric service at cost-based rates and access to a wide range of other services to approximately 20,000 homes, farms, businesses and industries within a seven-county service area of east-central South Dakota and southwestern Minnesota. Through the wholly owned subsidiary, Sioux Valley wireless, Sioux Valley offers high speed wireless internet access and networking services and wireless cable TV programming.

Sioux Valley is part of one of the nation's largest, most sophisticated power supply networks. Sioux Valley can meet the electrical needs of any customer, from small residential to very large commercial, institutional or industrial. As a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, Sioux Valley is committed to being a good corporate citizen, catering their customers with integrity, accountability and innovation

The non-profit making electric cooperative was founded in the 1930 to provide reliable central-station electric service at cost-based rates to customers within the confines of its state-assigned service territory. The Cooperative currently provides electricity to nearly 20,000 farms, homes and businesses in a seven-county area of eastern South Dakota and southwestern Minnesota. Counties served include (in South Dakota) Moody, Minnehaha, Lake, Brookings and eastern Kingsbury, and (in Minnesota) Rock and Pipestone.

Sioux Valley Energy's headquarters is located in the junction of highways 34 and old 77 approximately one mile east of Colman, SD. There are full-service district offices in Pipestone, MN and Brandon, SD.Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Sioux Valley Wireless; the Cooperative also provides a wireless cable TV programming and high speed wireless Internet service.

Sioux ValleyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s basic 28 channel package of television programming is broadcast from towers at Colman, Rowena (east of Sioux Falls) and Freeman, SD. It includes all of cable's top channels plus the Sioux Falls network affiliates for ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and SD Public
TV. The HBO and Cinemax premium movie channels are extra-cost options.

The major funding categories of the Sioux Valley Energy Customers' Trust include lending assistance to community service projects, economic development programs, education and youth initiatives, environmental concerns, and emergency energy assistance. These funds are available to provide relief in cases of disaster. Sioux Valley is a non-profit making Cooperative utilizing the revenue generated from its operations for its community development.