Snelson's Companies Inc.


SnelsonÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Companies Inc. offers services in construction management services, pipeline construction and maintenance, large and small project work for petrochemical, fuel transmission and distribution companies, cogeneration manufacturing and marine installations. Snelson Companies, Inc. is a fully licensed contractor in over 40 States in the Union - from the West Coast to the East.  

SCI has been remained as a standing leader in the Northwest employing trench less technology, vacuum excavation, and rock cutting equipment. Snelson Companies, Inc. also operates two wheel trenchers for high production applications. In addition to directional boring, Snelson provides trenching capabilities. Snelson's Vermeer Hydrostatic utility rock trencher allows us to cut through rock or any demanding soil or terrain.  

For more than 59 years, Snelson Companies, Inc. has established safety and health as a highest priority. The company has established a safe, healthy and productive working environment for all of its employees, with one of the lowest modification factors in the industry. The company develops programs to effectively address both customer and SCI objectives through adhering to a strong safety and health policy when establishing project oriented safety and health programs sensitive and responsive to our customers while meeting escalating regulatory requirements.  

SCI has the highest standard of drug and alcohol prevention policies, implementing the drug and alcohol prevention program long before widespread acceptance or mandated and regulated practices. SCI meets DOT 49 CFR part 40 New Rule, the National Compliance Criteria (NCMS) and has received platinum status from the State of Washington Star Task Force.

All employees are instructed regarding the companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢ environmental protection policy, with job progress and environmental protection acting as compatible and equal goals. The company employees practice full cooperation in protecting the environment as a requirement of their employment. Snelson Companies, Inc. is committed to the protection of the environment affected by its operations through such strong management commitment, trained and knowledgeable supervisors, involvement of environmental professionals, trained and conscientious work force, and effective monitoring of the environmental program.