Tamke Tree Experts Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Tamke Tree Experts was started in 1968, by Warren S. Tamke with in Bernardsville, New Jersey. After 30 years, the company services thousands of corporate, residential and governmental customers from their offices in Liberty Corner and Lambertville, New Jersey. Their easily identified green and yellow trucks are seen throughout central New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 
Tree trunks and limbs can be connected with steel fasteners and high tensile cables to provide added support to weak crotch structures or over expanded limbs. Trees with V-shaped crotches or crotch formations where the bark is included are mechanically weak and should be inspected to see if they need to be cabled. All existing tree cables need periodic inspection and the trees themselves should be kept developing strongly so they are producing new wood to assist secure the anchors. Installing cables at the correct point, with the correct hardware is indeed service for the expert arborist.
Trees are frequently evaluated due to loss resulting from damage from fire, automobile accidents, vandalism or willful trespass and cutting. A 3" diameter trunk of a Sugar Maple may be worth $500; a 30" diameter trunk Sugar Maple may be worth $15,000 or more.
Tamke Rich-Roots dramatically improves both the root systems and surrounding soil of trees and shrubs without harming plants or the environment. Rich-Roots not only feed roots, but greatly improve a root system's ability to developed and suck up nutrients and water. The profits of the fertilizer continue from 1 1/2 to 2 years and can be applied early spring thru fall. Rich-Roots are applied by a Tamke trained technician with a pressurized liquid injection gun inserted into the ground.
The property values are always affected by trees the bigger and healthier the tree, the greater the value. A large old tree can be worth thousands of dollars. All trees benefit from Rich-Roots. It nurtures transplanted trees to overcome shock and promotes fast, new root growth. It helps to improve a tree's resistance to stress, damage from high winds, drought, poor soil and disease. Trees in poor locations, near streets, sidewalks, and driveways benefit from Rich-Roots to offset restricted root growth and possible crucial lack of water.
With their professional relationships and training, they are qualified to make evaluations and provide professional appraisals to attorneys, insurance companies and homeowners.