American Finishing Resources Inc


Environmental stewardship is the foundation at American Finishing Resources. AFR is committed to providing coatings removal services through environmentally safe processes. In addition, we choose to work exclusively with outside environmental consulting services and suppliers who share same vision and standard. 
We remove 100% of paints, powder coatings, e-coat, high temperature coatings, varnish, inks, and rust on manufactured parts. Capable of cleaning a variety of substrates including steel, stainless steel, spring steel, aluminum, castings, brass, copper, and some plastics through use of multiple processes. AFR processes produce a clean surface that inhibits rusting to ensure coating adhesion when recoated.
Company-owned delivery fleet assures on-time pickup and delivery service and the fastest emergency service in the industry. An environment safe surface preparation process is more efficient and cost effective than in-house methods. Utilization of non-destructive coating removal processes assure that manufactured part dimensions, surface finish and tensile strength are not compromised.
Paint hooks, fixtures, and racks are cleaned in a responsible manner which does not compromise service life. Utilization of coating removal carts to enhance productivity, minimize damage, and improve material handling of paint hooks, fixtures, and racks.
AFR engineers design paint fixtures, hangers, and racks to be the most efficient and productive within the work envelope. AFR focuses on achieving optimum line density, transfer efficiency, and loading ergonomics and designs prototype fixtures for conveyor zed or batch finishing systems. Also seeks the optimum design configuration for productivity and performance through an engineering approach which adds computer aided design capabilities, design engineers, and certified welders.
Fabrication services to manufacture paint line fixtures and hooks, onsite engineering, prototyping, and fixture modification services. AFR capabilities such as custom steel fabricating, prototyping and engineering, CAD capabilities, print, design, complex parts and assemblies, any size production runs, contract welding fabrication, computerized engineering with DFX conversion, lead times, company owned transportation and delivery system
AFR has fast turn around service to meet the needs. Company-owned delivery fleet assures on-time pickup and delivery service and the fastest emergency service in the industry