American Paper Recycling Corp


Jerry Golden is the founder of the paper recycling business in 1956, and changed the company name to Albany Paper Grading. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s first packing plant started in Chicago. In 1971 company name changed to American Paper Recycling Corporation. Presently, the company has got its branches in South Burlington, Northlake, and Saint Paul etc. The company has got itÂâ€Ã¢„¢s headquarter located at Mansfield. 
American Paper Recycling (APR) is in the trading business of high-grade secondary paper fiber and mainly deals in its buying and selling. APR concentrates on maintaining the highest standards in servicing customers and contracting with commercial industrial printers and packaging operations. American Paper Recycling has set the standard for waste paper recovery and sales for more than four decades. In today's ever growing competitive business environment, the company plays a key role of being important resource for many commercial printers and packaging companies in the recovery and sale of all grades of waste paper. Being a leader in the recycling industry, APR offers a quality product with premium prices and services through its network of packing facilities and on going mill relationships.

The printing and packaging industries are becoming ever increasingly competitive. Costs of production due to technological advances, raw materials and labor have lead to decreasing margins. For these reasons, cutting edge industrial printers and packagers realize that every aspect of production must be explored to cut costs and increase revenues including the often overlooked areas of waste reduction and recovery. The APR team of Waste paper sales professionals recognizes and seizes this opportunity. With a network of trained equipment specialists on call, a prospective account's physical plant can be analyzed and proposals made for waste paper recovery equipment and air systems in short order. APR's team has installed literally hundreds of balers, air recovery systems and compactors coast to coast.

The company is committed to serving all demanding needs and offering of its clients. Presently, the company handles 400,000 tons of paper grades per year. The company is implementing a comprehensive business plan to increase present tonnage to one-half million tons per year.