California Distribution.


California Distribution, Kinwood Warehouse Services of California, was integrated in May 1976 to act as a public warehouse, primarily servicing the local Kal Kan Pet Food plant. The company was sold and the name was changed to California Distribution Services, in July 1980. 
Presently, the company maintains its long held tradition of providing high quality logistics services to a large range of clients. At the core of California Distribution's achievement is the knowledge and expertise of its management and staff who allow CDI to provide modern and cost-effective solutions. These logistics professionals are supported by investment in facilities, equipment and information technology that improve their ability to quality, control efficiency and cost. 
The company provides clients in industries that include consumer hazardous, goods, hazardous and industrial related materials. The company does everything from coordinating shipments of raw materials and components to overseeing the shipment of finished products between manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and clients.
California Distributions operations are centralized. Centralization allows them to efficiently, constantly and effectively oversee the movement of goods. Their experience, infrastructure, relationships and emphasis on expansion and quality, position them to increase their clientsÂâ€Ã¢„¢ logistics requirements.
A full-service logistics provider, California Distribution has the tools to offer their clients the precise combination of distribution, warehousing, transportation management and value-added services necessary to make sure maximum flexibility and strength throughout their supply chains. The company provides constant, high-quality service to their clients via two key elements of their business centralized operations and a highly involved management crew. The effects of such inclusive visibility are enhanced communications, maximized associate utilization and cost savings for their clients. 
The many industries for which California Distribution serves logistics services do not fit into one list. With clients in the paper, raw materials, store display and component industries, the company has the flexibility to serve solutions.
The company believes that quality results require attention to detail to make sure that their clients get the quality service their businesses deserve; CDI has invested in a full-time quality and metrics manager whose job is to oversee their quality. This manager and his staff document processes, assist staff training, develop metrics and perform root-cause analysis. The company is commitment and dedicated to quality is a value that can provide customer organization with the operational foundation to succeed.