Caribbean Shipping Services Inc.


Caribbean Shipping Services started with these poor, Robbins have built a successful international company that provides complete transportation and logistics management for a variety of products moving to and from almost every point in the world.  

The company managing over 1 million pounds of product per day, Caribbean Shipping is the biggest refrigerated transporter servicing the Caribbean market. The company ship an average of 120 refrigerated and 30 dry containers per week and their fleet of 50 trucks currently travels over a half a million miles a month picking up and delivering product from 18 States. Caribbean's trucking, ocean, and warehousing capabilities makes her a seamless one stop shop for their customers. The company warehouse is a RF facility with RFID capabilities and all their trucks are equipped with a Qualcomm GPS tracking system that updates their dispatchers with 24 hrs day positioning information.

The company has 3 distinct branches functioning together seamlessly, they are a winning crew of talented people, managed through deliberate consensus, deriving expertise from all levels of the company; their people are motivated and rewarded as they contribute to team Caribbean and to increasing long term value of their company.

The company takes great satisfaction to their safety record. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s each employee who works at Caribbean Shipping has incentives to maintain the highest standard of safety in all business procedures. They are certified by the organizations standards. USDA, Certified Food Handlers, Northeast Florida Safety Council, FDA, and CSH, OSHA, HACCP, and YUM! Brands Certified.

They are committed and dedicated to excellence in everything they do. The company struggle to deliver lasting value to their customers and they believe that success and achievement is a pattern that stems from quality and dedication in all of their actions throughout the organization.

Their mission as team Caribbean is to become the primary transportation and warehouse provider for all of their customers by providing reliable service, offering superior technology and cementing strong relationships.