Castleberry Food Co Inc.


Castleberry Food Company was started in Augusta, Georgia on the popularity of barbecued pork and beef recipes of Clement Lamar Castleberry, a gentleman who loved entertaining and expressed it best by serving his guests the best barbecue they ever tasted. Mr. Clem was preparing barbecue for crowds as large as 12,000. In 1926, Clem's son, Clement Stewart Castleberry, hit on the idea of canning his father's famous barbecue hash and Brunswick stew. The Castleberry Product Company was established in a poor shed on 15th Street.  

The company is still located on Fifteenth Street; Castleberry is the biggest meat packer in the U.S. There are two manufacturing sites in Augusta, a large 230,000 sq foot facility on 22 acres that processes canned and frozen based products and a 25,000 square foot facility that processes fresh vegetables. The company corporate office has moved from Augusta, Georgia to San Diego, California. The operate two USDA/FDA-inspected food processing plants on the East Coast: Castleberry's Food Company in Augusta, Georgia, and Snow's/Doxsee, Inc. in Cape May, New Jersey. The customer can rely on CastleberryÂâ€Ã¢„¢s/Snow's for a profitable partnership and good taste.  

They have two facilities on the east coast, their robust manufacturing capabilities include, 430,000 sq. ft. manufacturing / warehousing space, On-site Research & Development and QC departments, Custom recipe formulations, Expert staff, Smoke house ovens, Just in time raw material procurement, Dedicated long runs or high-speed efficiencies. The company is also has Packaging capabilities; Canned, Frozen and Glass.

CastleberryÂâ€Ã¢„¢s/Snow's Brands is an established supplier within the Food Service Industry. The company offers a collection of products in the Castleberry's, Snow's, and Doxsee labels to meet customer particular product specifications and cost parameters. The company has provide high quality canned and frozen products packed with great taste to many different customers, including caterers, hotels, restaurants, and municipal facilities. Meat Products; Barbecue, Chili, Beef Stew, and Hot Dog Chili. Seafood Products; Canned Clams, Chowder, and Clam Juice, CastleberryÂâ€Ã¢„¢s/Snow's Brands show customer what good taste is all about.

Their mission is to provide high quality, great tasting canned food at an affordable price. Though Castleberry's start as a privately owned cannery, they have evolved to become a national industry leader.