Champion Laboratories Inc


Champion Laboratories, Inc. has expanded from a small Midwestern company to become a quality and technology leader and one of the world's largest suppliers of filters and filtration products and related services. 
In 1955, West Salem needed business development and employment that only the establishment or relocation of a manufacturing plant could bring. As a member of the West Salem Development Association, Howard Gaither played a vital role in setting up and then building the business that would become Champion Laboratories.
Petro-Clear petroleum dispenser filters are designed to help remove water and particulate contaminants before they enter and cause damage to gasoline and diesel engines. The Petro-Clear line offers exclusive performance features and high quality. Petro-Clear filters provide superior particulate filtration.
Most drivers understand the importance of changing engine air and oil filters to protect their car. Cabin air filters help maintain the comfort and health of the car's passengers. Air quality inside cars on most roads is even worse than the outside air, studies show. That's because the heating, air conditioning and vent system has the effect of concentrating contaminants inside the passenger cabin when it draws in outside air and the windows are closed.
As a basic manufacturer, Champion Laboratories controls its quality and costs. The company also conducts their own research and controls every manufacturing step from pleating the filter paper to cutting; stamping and drawing their own metal parts.
From the past many years, the company has continued building on its achievements to become the global enterprise it is today. Founded on Howard Gaither's persistence and pioneering spirit, Champion Laboratories is a multimillion dollar, world-class filter company well-positioned to serve its customers into the next century and beyond. Champion Laboratories believes that quality is a means to a very important end, namely customer satisfaction.