Coastal Wholesale Grocery Inc


Coastal Wholesale Grocery Inc. was started in 1938.  They started as a small one town distributor has grown into a corporation that ranks in the top one - third of North Carolina's top 100 privately held companies. The company has started as a 60-mile service radius has grown into a sophisticated delivery network that encompasses most of four states. The company always will be family owned. The way they look at it, nobody cares more than family. The company treats customer like family, the customer can rest assured that they say it with the trust, respect and integrity that have been part of their business viewpoint.

Coastal Wholesale Grocery provides the 99 percent service assurance essential to making customer operation profitable. The company gives a total commitment to maximizing customer benefits, providing unparalleled service, plus their in depth understanding of customer business. The company has provides complete programs, on-time delivery, inventory assurances and reasonable prices. Total service, so customer can concentrate on the most important aspect of their business making money.

The company provides service on a large variety of programs that include are Full-Time Customer Service, Individual Catalogs, Allowance & Accrual Programs, Health & Beauty Aids, Half Case Items, Food Service, Cross Trained Sales, Trade Shows, New Store Set Up, Customized Ordering Guides, Electronic Ordering Systems, Specialized Reports, Merchandising Materials, Grocery, General Merchandise, Refrigerated Fleet, 700 and 1100 Single Case Items 24-Hour Delivery.

Computers are no longer the exception, but the rule. However, Coastal's computer system provides clear benefit to all our business partners as evidenced by our ability to provide the following services Retail Scanning Support, Customized Monthly Reports, Change SRP, Velocity Reports By Vendor, Modify Display Messages, Movement Trends Invoice Retrieval, Top Movers By Category, and Mainframe Connection.

The company is geared towards the future and has their commitment and assurance that technological advances in the computer and convenience store industries will be analyzed exclusively from the standpoint of adding money to customer bottom line. The company understands that customer need flexibility. The company offers customer the options of store drop, order write or full service programs, programs that are geared to produce maximum profits, and they also have an in depth understanding of store layouts, merchandising and product positioning.