Colorado Petroleum And Arizona Petroleum.


Colorado Petroleum Companies have been providing quality products and service from their superior rugged line to major brands such as Chevron, Kendall, and Castrol. The company is also provides after market parts, accessories and chemicals.

Additionally to their corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado, the company is operating in Arizona Petroleum in Tucson and Phoenix. Their well maintained fleet of trucks guarantees fast delivery of customer orders with local processing, sales, and inventory control. This, in part, makes Colorado Petroleum an industry leader and guarantees to customer a lightning fast service, superb quality, and an overall pleasurable experience. The company always works harder to make customer Satisfaction.The CompanyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s every product is subject to rigorous approval. A single item may have been analyzed as many as nine different times throughout their process. The company uses an independent laboratory analysis to confirm the quality of the final product.

The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s packaging capabilities include a large range of choices including 5 gallon to 55 gallon to 330 gallon jumbo drums. And they also provide smaller packaging, high-speed gallon and quart filling. Their quart packaging line is capable of over 150 quarts per minute. These products are formulated to meet or increase their specifications as well as those of API, OEM's, and the Military.
Their three distribution centers can provide delivery when customer needs it, even in emergency situations. Each location is equipped with state of art, fully maintained equipment, including metered tank trucks, bobtails, and tractor trailers. The computerized inventory tracking accounts for thousands of products handled in their warehouse system. They understand that when a specific product is needed, customer time is money and their job is to save customer money.
The company's needs are regularly exclusive, the team at Colorado Petroleum is trained and ready to assist customer when these special times arise. Whatever customer needs or whatever customer business, customer can count on the professionals at Colorado Petroleum Products to engineer the best quality lubricants available. Products and services requested by people like customer, for type of business. Colorado Petroleum is wide enough to engineer these products, but small enough to give customer time, personal service.